Delhi Rant

I’ve stayed in Delhi - NCR for ~ 1.5 years now (since September 2019) and came back to Delhi after 14 years (after 2005). Now that I look back, there are certain observations that worry me about Delhi - Gurgaon culture. Listing them down here :

  1. Overt celebration of eat-sleep-repeat culture : The common phrase that I hear most people use is : “ I don’t want to think too much and just chill”. While it is perfectly fine to do so, you have lost the right to complain about your problems. Every third person here has an opinion on some of the most pressing issues such as education, poverty and pollution, but I wonder what they are doing about it. These issues will not be solved by eat-sleep-repeat culture. Put in the effort first to form an opinion and do your bit towards solving the problem. If you are not doing so, please stop complaining.
  2. Forming World views through Bollywood movies and TV shows such as Friends : While I agree that some of the shows (such as Friends) and movies are a delight to watch, doesn’t mean that you expect the same things to happen in your life. One needs to have the lens of objectivity on while watching such content. It is a script written by a professional whose end goal is to either increase the TRP or sales of subscription. Bollywood is one of the biggest ceilings of this country IMO. More on this here .“Let me make the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws”. Song writers and movie directors are doing their job, we need to do ours. This book might come handy if you want to dig deeper into this topic.
  3. Fluff over substance : Most folks that I’ve met here come across as extremely pretentious and unauthentic. North Star for such people is to play the status game while forgetting that they do not have substance. You can only go so far with “fake it till you make it” attitude. Self - awareness as a trait is limited in supply in this part of this country .

With that being said, there are some good things about Delhi such as food, which I will miss. The above pointers are based on my personal experiences and opinions of some of my close friends. You may choose to disagree and form your opinion/experiences.

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