Identify Your Echochamber

After 4 years, I have started using Social Media platforms again. While I had no difficulties posting (except stories on Instagram), there are certain observations and patterns that I have started to come across different social media platforms. Detailing them out here :

1.Twitter Tagline from a user’s perspective : I am smart and “intellectual” as well. Please koi meri bhi sun lo. From replying on Elon Musk’s and Balajis Tweets to posting random threads on why you should switch to Signal, Twitter is an echo - chamber of wanna be “intellectuals”. While Twitter does help one get deep insights into any topic from some of the most credible individuals, it is also an echo - chamber of people who are “faking” it till they make it. There’s nothing right/wrong in this. Well, who doesn’t like to have a million followers! But what I’ll really appreciate is a following built on one’s substance, skills and not copy pasted Tweets, or networking.

2.Instagram Tagline from a user’s perspective : I can post, apply filters, travel to Thailand and Dubai. Mein bhi fake Picasso. Scrolling through some of the posts on Instagram is a sheer delight as it is one of the biggest echo chambers. Same is the case with Facebook. A snapshot of the post. I would appreciate if people can bring some innovation to their replies and not copy/paste “great” or “wow”.

If you are the smartest individual and get validated from others all the time, you are doing more harm than good to yourself. It is time to leave the table and join a new one when you stop getting pushback from your inner circle/ community. You are just fooling yourself and hiding your insecurities otherwise.

To be a philosophical king, one needs to become a king first. So, moving forward, I’ll avoid posting generic stuff unless I am really tempted to.

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