Why Talented Tech Players Need to Stay in the Game

Every week, big tech and startups produce something remarkable that takes everyone by surprise. These remarkable advancements quickly become the household talks and spark discussions among tech pundits who are eager to delve into the intricacies of these technologies and launches.

Back in 2006, when I was in 6th grade, I loved watching Match of The Day, a show where all football pundits got together and talked about managerial decisions, controversial moments in the game, and transfers. It’s fascinating to observe a similar phenomenon emerging within the realm of Big Tech and startups, albeit with different players and pundits.

  • Team Captain —> Founders and CEOs, who lead the team from the front
  • Players and Subs —> Senior Leaders along with other employees and the players, actively contributing to the game
  • Football Pundits —> Tech Pundits, offering expert analysis and insights.

Coaches and Team Captains


Team Players (minus the founders)




While it is great to see technology ecosystem transforming itself into a entertainment and sporting arena, true innovation happens when exceptional players remain actively involved on the field. It is crucial that these exceptional individuals resist the temptation to retire early and instead take on new challenges, creating their own teams and scouting for talented players to nurture and mentor. It is through the efforts of these great players that the boundaries of innovation are pushed. It would be a shame if these young talented players simply observe the game from the sidelines, relinquishing their potential to contribute and hunting for little heart shaped likes.

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