What I Read in October


  1. Stacked Diffs (and why you should know about them)
  2. How to build a killer sales pitch
  3. How to validate your B2B startup idea
  4. The Power of Designing for a Single User
  5. This Week in Governance - October 5: Councils, Gardeners, and Robots
  6. This Week in Governance - October 12: Grants, Loans, and Longevity
  7. How to Make Yourself Into a Learning Machine
  8. How to win and find your first 10 B2B Customers
  9. The Man Behind the Big Tech Comics
  10. DRAFT: Proposed Grants Council Charter - Season 5


  1. Joe Rogan Sam Altman
  2. iPad New Pencil Launch
  3. How to Learn Faster By Using Failures
  4. Are ETFs Overrated?
  5. Return to MPC


  1. AI Superpowers
  2. Product Design Exercises

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