What I Read in January


  1. What to do if your product isn’t taking off
  2. How Gong builds product
  3. Adding a work trial to your interview process
  4. The Pulse #75: Will US companies hire fewer engineers due to Section 174?
  5. The Pulse #77: Will EMs and PMs take over TPM roles in a post-ZIRP world?
  6. The end of 0% interest rates: what the new normal means for software engineers
  7. The Pulse #79: Is it fair for profitable companies to fire staff to make more money?
  8. This Week in Governance - Feb 1: Community, Collaboration, and Financial Frontiers
  9. dYdX Foundation Fundraising Proposal
  10. Intel’s Humbling
  11. The Apple Vision Pro’s Missing Apps
  12. The New York Times’ AI Opportunity
  13. Framing the Future of the Internet
  14. The Solana Ecosystem


  1. The Four Wars of the AI Stack (Dec 2023 Audio Recap)
  2. The Accidental AI Canvas - with Steve Ruiz of tldraw (Very Interesting Indeed)
  3. How to train your own Large Multimodal Model — with Hugo Laurençon & Leo Tronchon of HuggingFace M4
  4. RLHF 201 - with Nathan Lambert of AI2 and Interconnects
  5. Predictions: ZK in 2024
  6. The Evolution of Aleo with Howard Wu & Alex Pruden
  7. Avail’s Approach to DA with Prabal Banerjee
  8. ZK Jargon Decoder with Nico Mohnblatt
  9. Why Hack the SEC? - The Chopping Block
  10. When Will the ETF Hype End? The Chopping Block
  11. Data Availability & Why It’s Important
  12. Points vs. Airdrops - Post Jupiter Airdrop


  1. Dilbert 1991 all strips

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