I've started shipping code

Not too long ago, I used to introduce myself as someone who didn’t write code. Well, things have changed! With the rise of AI, especially since the introduction of ChatGPT, I am absolutely amazed by the capabilities of AI in assisting me with coding and building projects. I had a strong desire to create my own website after successfully launching one using Jekyll in 2020, but I was struggling with customizing it to my liking. Scouring through endless Google search results was not only time-consuming but also incredibly frustrating. This led me to postpone working on my blog post, repeatedly putting it off until I had enough time to dedicate to it. But with the advent of ChatGPT, I came to a realization – I didn’t need more time; I simply needed to ask questions, and it would provide me with the precise answers I required to customize my blog post.

Since then, I’ve managed to complete two projects with the assistance of GPT, all while ensuring that I comprehend and can personally understand every code line of my projects. The first project I built this year was this very blog post, which demanded significant adjustments and customizations – tasks that would have taken me an incredibly long time in a world without GPT. Recently, I also successfully launched another application: a comprehensive quiz app built using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This app performs several functions:

  • It displays a list of questions.
  • It accepts user responses as input.
  • It verifies whether the answers provided are correct.
  • It calculates and displays the final quiz score.
  • It showcases the high scores achieved by various attempts.
  • It provides an option to reset the quiz.

You can play around with the app here

Inspired by the journey of Mckay Wrigley, who began coding just four years ago and managed to produce some of the most talked-about apps on Twitter consistently, I have now started on a path to ship a few projects myself. To keep track of all the projects I ship, you can visit the “Projects” section on my blog under the categories section.

Happy shipping!

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