Reddit May Define the Future of IPOs

Reddit, founded in 2005, has filed for an IPO. If you missed out on other indicators of this bull market, this is definitely one of the most glaring ones. Markets have opened up, tech stocks and top crypto tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are ripping. But there’s one thing special about Reddit IPO’s that is not talked about enough - stock allocation to it users

From Stratechery:


Airdrops and token allocation for community members is very common in the Web3 universe, but users of a web2 platform getting a stock allocation for their contributions is unheard of in the Web 2 World. I find this decision taken by the Reddit founders really fascinating! It may well define how IPOs are announced from this point onwards and a way for Web 2 companies to earn user trust.

Most of the World is already sleeping on how much one can earn through airdrops. But I’m glad to see the community ownership ethos of Web3 adopted by early internet companies. If users are indeed the product of most Web2 social companies, they should be compensated for growing that product and making it better. This post from Balaji is worth paying attention to:

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