Best of Masters of Scale

Below is the list of podcasts from Masters of Scale series that I found the most engaging and insightful. I finished listening to all its episodes last year. This is for those who are short on time and wondering where to start.

  1. A Masterclass in Outsourcing with Luis von Ahn (Duolingo)
  2. Open or closed with Joe Ito : A podcast on community building
  3. The case for Bootstrapping with Ben Chestnut (Mailchimp)
  4. Be a platform with Tobi Lütke (Shopify)
  5. Escape the competition with Peter Thiel (Needs no introduction)
  6. Why culture matters with Reid Hastings (Netflix)
  7. New rules for big career changes with Jordan Harbinger : The best podcast that I found on mapping your career trajectory
  8. Build, Measure, Learn with non other than Eric Ries (Lean Startup)
  9. How to set the drumbeat with Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn - LinkedIn)
  10. Imperfect is perfect with Mark Zuckerberg
  11. Reid Hoffman Story : Part 2 - Make everyone a hero
  12. Raise more than you need with Mariam Naficy (Minted)
  13. 4 core principles of crisis management (Ellen Kullman)
  14. How to embrace conflict with Ray Dalio : This is my personal favourite
  15. The elusive formula for great hiring with Aneel Bhusri (Workday)
  16. How to Master Emotion with Sam Harris. He also has an amazing app called Waking Up.
  17. Building bridges to scale with Daniel Lubetzky (Kind)
  18. To scale find the right values with Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia)
  19. How to turn sceptics into fans with John Foley (Peloton)

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